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RAC SALES AGENT Venue Based in West Midlands

  • West Midlands
  • 13/01/2019
  • Report


The RAC are now looking for a Self Employed Sales Agent in your area.
MANAGE YOUR OWN WORKING WEEK working within a variety of high foot fall venues.
Being an RAC Sales Representative offers you the opportunity to earn between £40K to £80K, dependent upon your skills and resilience, with the flexibility rarely seen in other sales roles.
This is an opportunity to earn excellent commission at 80% of our breakdown products in a self-employed role.
You don’t necessarily need to come from a sales background, but an outgoing personality and drive to achieve is a ‘must’.
We’ll provide all the promotional equipment and training you need to be successful – You need to provide the enthusiasm, drive and commitment to ensure that your goals are achieved whilst covering the cost of your site locations and fees which are deducted from your commission in the following month.
If you are a driver with your own vehicle and would like to find out more about joining a long-established and very successful team of sales representatives.
Like running your own business.



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